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dental implants aurora Historically, tooth loss is something that has been associated with the elderly. Current statistics demonstrate that as much as 35% of adults aged forty and older have lost one or more teeth. The cause of tooth loss may be a direct injury or, as in most cases, disease.

One of the most recent and significant developments in modern dentistry is dental implants. The implant is designed to replace a missing root. Its purpose, like natural roots, is to stabilize the structure so that biting and chewing can be adequately performed.

The implant procedure is straightforward and performed with immense care. Using appropriate imaging, Dr. Weingarten determines the optimal placement of implants, including location and depth. Imaging also helps us determine the quality of bone in the jaw. This is essential to the long-term success of implant restorations. A lack of adequate bone structure does not necessarily preclude you from successful implant treatment. During your consultation with Dr. Weingarten, a thorough examination will be performed. If necessary, the integrity of the jawbone can be enhanced before the insertion of implants.

Why Patients Choose Dental Implants
dental implants aurora Because implants replicate natural teeth, they are considered the efficient method of tooth replacement available today. Over several months, the implants will become fused into natural bone tissue. This will fully stabilize them just like your natural teeth. Once the final crown, bridge or denture is affixed to the appropriate number of implants, you will regain the highest degree of functionality possible.

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